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Meet Pear Swimwear

Pear Swimwear was established in Scotland 2018 by two design graduates, finding a gap in the swimwear market. We struggled to find bikinis which fitted fuller busts and unique body shapes, but were also stylish, flattering and wouldn't break the bank. The unique thing about Pear's designs is that it not only ticks all these boxes, but provides two styles in one - with each swimsuit being completely reversible. Pear was started as we not only wanted to change our lives, but take joy in knowing we are positively impacting other woman to feel confident in their swimwear which fits perfectly and looks amazing!  

What We Do

Pear Swimwear provides bespoke bikinis and swimsuits, which are all ethically handmade to order in our Scotland studio. Each printed pattern is hand-drawn and designed by us and each style is created in house, meaning your swimwear is completely original - you wont find these prints anywhere else! No cheap mass produced products, no unethical labour and no factory sweatshops, each style is created to perfection by us from scratch. Using quality, UK sourced materials, printing our original prints and pattern making for perfect fit, each piece we produce is unique and special.